Air Strap - Product Options

Air Strap can be used in any situation where heavy weight is being carried across the shoulder. All straps are fully adjustable and are available in a range of 5 superb colours:
Black, Military Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue & Red.

Black Military Green Royal Blue Navy Blue Red

The information below gives examples of some of the typical uses of Air Strap and guidance as to the choice of fittings. Please feel free to contact us if you require advice in this respect.

Fishing Seat Box Strap

Air Strap is now used exclusively on the new aluminium Series 5 Seat Box by Platt-Forms UK.

Air Strap has proved to be a popular choice as a replacement strap for fishing seat boxes and our range of fittings means that we are able to accommodate all of the major brands.

Universal Plastic Box Fitting - will fit: Dog-Clip Fitting - will fit: 'Nexus' Plastic Fitting - will fit:
Most other plastic boxes

Most boxes with 'D' ring or ring attachments Brilo
Original Preston Box

*Adjustable strap length: Approx 100cm - 200cm (40in - 80in)


Golf Bag Strap

Air Strap is often used to carry golf bags and is supplied with a dog-clip fitting at one end and adjustable at the other.

*Adjustable strap length: Approx 105cm - 180cm (42in - 60in)


Luggage strap, Holdall Strap, Snowboard Strap, Kite Winder Strap

Air Strap has been used to carry everything from heavy luggage and snowboards to laptops, kite winders and camera cases. An Air Strap with dog-clip fittings at each end will accommodate most situations.

*Adjustable strap length:Approx 105cm - 180cm (42in - 60in)