Don't just listen to us, listen to what our clients have to say!

"These straps are the best we've seen".

Reviewed in 'Advanced Pole Fishing' Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004

"Dear Air Strap, I was after a shoulder strap for a heavy duty kite reel that can exert over 100lbs on my back and shoulder. The shoulder strap that came with the reel was just not adequate, found your AirStrap on the internet and thought it was worth a go. I'm really glad I did. Best strap I've ever used, it spreads the weight so well it has made using the reel a joy. On delivery I was surprised by the quality of it's construction for the money. I had the one with a snap-gate (dog catch) each end, thanks for using quality catches. Also your new webbing design is really nice. I would have paid twice this much for the AirStrap had I seen it while shopping. Thank you for a great product".

Anthony Lawrence (August 2011)

"An excellent product, I'd recommend it to anyone."

Mr W (Bury) 

"No problems at all. The non-slip is excellent and it's extremely comfortable."

Alan (Blackpool)

"A wonderful product. It's very comfortable."

Mr H (Huddersfield)

"I am very happy to recommend it. A lovely product, it's excellent."

John (Carmarthen)

"Thank you for your prompt service. The Air Strap you sent me is just the job."

Mr F (Hyde)

"I use it on my camera case. It's very comfortable and doesn't slip."

Royston (London)

"Excellent. I can't fault it."

Mr C (Doncaster)

"A Marvellous product. Thank you for your help and excellent service."

Mr M (Sheffield)

"It's fantastic!"

Chris (Birmingham)

"The best thing since sliced bread. I've put it on my fishing tackle seat box and it's made a great difference, especially when you have to carry stuff quite a way along the bank."

Alan (Stockport)

"It's excellent! I bought three. My mate has a bad shoulder. He uses his air strap on his fishing tackle seat box and it really relieves the pressure."

Bryan (Wrexham)

" I've been using mine on my golf bag. It makes a hell of a difference."

Paul (Forest of Dean)

"My golf bag now floats down the fairway.... I wish my bloody ball would!"

Robin (Bristol)